Seeing through Sticker packets


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Dear Community,

i am able to get several sticker packets from panini wc 2011.

Suddenly, something came into my mind:
Is it possible to see through sticker packets to see the first sticker? Yes, of course. This is possible.
What does that mean: The seller has the chance to see through the first sticker in the packets which he is gonna sell. So maybe, if a rare sticker is on top, he will keep it.

So this is something bad i think. But for the most of you maybe nothing new.

For me: i dont know if i want to risk it that the seller is doing that.
If its just the first sticker its ok maybe ok for me.

But now: What if the last sticker is also recognizable in the packet? That would be 2 of 5 which are known then. This would pull down the chance of getting "rare" stickers nearly down by 50%. Thats too much.

Sadly, i dont have any packets at home, so i cant check it.
Can anyone check that at home? Maybe with very bright light and a lupe :D

Anyone else has experiened something like this?


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I don't really like discussing this, since I don't know your intentions (maybe you're the seller or will become one), but since you can try it at home I guess it doesn't really matter.

For WWC 2011, which is your question, it's possible yes. You can even see the front and back sticker on eBay, if the photo is good enough, but for sure at home.

But anyway I don't see this being a "profitable" strategy since the price of rare stickers is already reflected in the sealed packet, even through chances of hitting the "rare 30" (now probably a few more, I didn't check for some time) is slim. For example just buy Marta for the price of the sealed packet.

In my opinion individual packs should not be bought with the goal of finding rare stickers inside them, because you'll be disapointed more times than not. Some USA rookies on the middle position is the best you can hope for.

While on the topic of WWC 2011. Backside of REWE/DB packs are fair and you have an equal 1/60 chance to hit any one sticker. The front on the other hand is not.
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