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Recently I started to save approx. 1 or 2 sealed Packets from each new album I collect. It has something mystique because you don't know what's inside and it's untouched ..

Who does it also? Are they valuable or wanted through the years?
... And I collect unopened packages WC, EC CHL in many different forms from around the world.
The biggest temptation is when you're at the end of the album, and you need to 5 stickers to fill out whether it is just in this package labels you need.

They have value on eBay reach some very nice sum of money.


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I don't do that. I wish I could, but I strictly closed the field of my collection and decided not to collect sealed packs because, as I know myself, I will end by collecting everything about WC or Euros and it will drive me mad !


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Collegting packets can be dangerous... just remind how many different version of Brasil 2014 packets has been produced around the world! So i use to keep some copies of packets but i don't start to find missing ones produced in different country than Italy


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I am not a hardcore packet collector, but I do like to keep packets sealed at least one or two, hoping they might be worth millions in 30 years! :)
Anyway, I do not think packs can be considered as a huge investment, especially mass-produced collections such as World Cup from the 1994 until now. I mean, you can get a pack for 0.50 and in 10 years it might be wort like 5$.

On the other hand, packets from vintage collection can go up to few hundreds in value. Its hard to predict if its going to be worth something in future, but as long as I enjoy it, I do not care how much its going to be worth. Its worth to me, do not care about its value to someone else.

I still keep my pack collection messy, in no particular order. Probably because I do not have many of packs left. I gave a lot of the packs to my nephew who thought it might be good idea to collect them, and gave up after few weeks. Recently I wanted to sort them out, and took a photo which you can see bellow.


In general pack collecting can be really interesting hobby as long as you focus on it. There are so many variations of packs.I know the Ukrainian collector who (I guarantee) has thousands of packets. He only collects packs though. I might try to ask him to come to the forums and post some tips and stuff. Not sure if he speaks English though we communicated via Google Translate.
FIFA 2014 - 44 variations, FIFA 2010 - 20, FIFA 2006 - 14 ...
If someone is interested in the exchange I am willing ...
It would be very beneficial properties on the forum Ever when the collectors with an enviable collection and experience ...
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i got a couple of packets from league stickers , which i´m not collecting. if anyone is interested in we maybe can swap to things i am searching for.

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