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(Salo) Torneo de Clausura Chile 2008

(SALO) Torneo de Clausura Chile 2008

Stickers: 180 (collection) + 4 (TV promotion).

The first part is the 4-stickers pannel of the TV promotion: if you complete the pannel, automatically you won a LCD TV. There was 5 Tvs, ergo, only 5 copies of the infamous “COPA 4” sticker. In fact, nobody knows if the Copa 4 was ever printed, and if someone win one of the TVs.

This album features 12 “Primera A” mayor teams in detail (U. De Chile; Colo Colo; U. Catolica; Unión Española; Rangers; O'Higgins; Everton; La Serena; Cobreloa; Palestino; AUDAX ITALIANO; Huachipato) , plus 7 minor teams with just the badge and the team picture (Cobresal; Ñublense; Santiago Morning; U. de Concepción; Antofagasta; Osorno; Melipilla).

Then, it have a tree-system to register the results of the Play-Offs and the Champion (In this Tournament, Colo Colo)..

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There're some interesting players featured in this album who have played for the National team:

  • Marcelo Salas (U. de Chile – His last tournament before retirement).
  • Charles Aranguiz (Cobreloa – actually injured, in Leverkusen)
  • Eduardo Vargas (Cobreloa – Actually in Hoffenheim)

  • Jean Beausejour (O'Higgins)

  • Gonzalo Jara (Colo Colo – Actually in Mainz).

  • Gary Medel (U. Catolica – Actually in Inter).

  • Fabian Orellana (AUDAX ITALIANO – Actually in Celta de Vigo).