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Hi guys; I prepare a special Russian League for my FB page, and I need some informations.
I have this album published by "Mirovoi Sports" but I don't have informations about the publisher; moreover, I know that there is a second album in 2002 but it's very very rare to find it.
Can anybody help me (the publisher, the success of this album in Russia)? or sum up the introduction? maybe @SubZero ? Spasibo!



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The collection of stickers "Supreme Division 2000" is dedicated to the Russian Football Championship.

Album: pages 32, designed for 280 stickers Printed in Finland.

On the first page: Laureates of the season 1999 - 8 stickers.
Further all 16 teams of the Higher Division. Participants of the tournament see the emblems on the cover. Each team is assigned a turn (2 pages). On which: emblem, team photo, 15 stickers of footballers.

The numbers on the stickers are on the front side. It is easy to check the collection correctly collected. At the last command the second leaf of the turn is the inside of the back cover. Emblems are ordinary stickers.

World of Football
№1 Year 2000
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Sergey Angelov
Official release of Russian PFL
Layout, color separation, computer
security - computer center
Publishing houses "World Sport"
The magazine "World of Football"
Founder "World Sport"
Printed in Finland.

Circulation, unfortunately, is not specified.

Packet and back of the sticker


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