Rookie Fever Out of Control!


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You're probably the only one I ever met that is looking to break even on a PSA 10, or at least thinks that this is a good investment strategy... But to each their own, best of luck.
P. S. How much are the shipping costs and the eBay fees? Asking for a friend :D
i already make money so that PSA grade i do is just bonus, and i will not pass eaven because when i got them for like 4-5 months market still we be there i will sell them all i think we have at least 1 year maybe two , so i do not invest on long term i will sell them once and thats it , plus money i already make its enough for me

about ebay fees if you have store on stickers,cards are 9.15% plus VAT so total will be around 10.5% if you dont have store then ffes are 12,4% plus VAT, about shipping depends who you use i use for expensive items DHL express and regular post for non expensive or large package with few kg


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Totally agree with this whole thing on so called rookie cards and stickers, especially being sold on ebay. a genuine rookie card or stickers is the first one ever issued on that particular player and nothing else after that.


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I need to throw up!
yuck! small person!

Lack of time, I will introduce myself shortly.

if not for this subject i was also a victim of this "new" influence .. my halland doubles went off at a crazy speed when i was just thinking of making a collector happy.

Sticker gansters are on the web.
if I see an ad for a rookie dealer in my town I will be happy to bid until I can go and pay her in person!
My hand will carry the weight of all your albums on its face.

This forum is great.
It is indeed a bible.
Thank you for letting me read you.
Great respect.


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