Recent scam on EBAY


My dear friends,

I've recently bought Mexico 70 items from Malta based seller "Panini MV" for a total of 1500EUR, items never arrived to me (same as 3 other buyers and counting...) Items have been paid via transfert from credit card, not Paypal. I figured out the seller was very well known and trustable first (fool of me)

I managed to contact the seller via Facebook (he didn't answered on Ebay) and he claims being victim of a fraud... He received my money on his bank account but then says that it got transferred right away to another personal account that he doesn't know about...

While I ask him to provide me proof of the fraud he claims being a victim, he cannot provide me any (from his bank or the police) ... I believe he is clearly playing with me.

This seller is very well known in the Panini world, his name is Aldo Bugeja, one of the biggest collector in Europe.

If I was in his boots claiming that "I'm honest", I would do absolutely everything in my power to clean my name and help out the buyer...

What are your toughts about this guys?




I wish this seller was a 100% honest but once again, if you are "victim" of a fraud as you claim it to be... You would do EVERYTHING possible to clean your name and help the buyers.. My opinion...

Same name, same bank account but different Ebay account got another belgian buyer on a Calciatori 1961... Another 1500EUR gone in the wild...


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I'm not into banking business but that sounds similar to phishing scams? Especially the first part where a known person is impersonated and also last part when the money is transferred to some account and then immediately redirected to other accounts, leaving nothing to trace it.

I don't want to believe a reputable collector is deeply involved in such scams... @fatzep If you really contacted the original Aldo Bugeja, he might also be cautious, he doesn't know you after all... At first glance, it looks like someone got access to that guy account and whenever he gets those payments, the scammer is notified right away and immediately transfers to unknown accounts.

What does ebay respond to this? Although Paypal is not involved, it's still a major scam occurring in their website.