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Euro 96 holds a special place in my heart. It was the first major tournament that I watched when I was 8 years old. I was 6 when the 94 World Cup was on, and did not watch much of it as the time difference in Bulgaria-USA was a bi*tch. But I watched A LOT of games of Euro 96. This was the tournament that made me love national teams. appreciate football kits (jerseys), and stickers, as The Panini Euro 96 was my very first Sticker Album that I collected.

I am a huge football kit fan, and this is why I make so much fan stickers with updated kits. This is the tournament that made me love football shirts so much. Now I will rank all 16 of the Home shirts of the tournament with brief commentary.

16 - Russia - made by Reebok
Too simple is enough. Apart from some blue con the collar, nothing much was going on on this kit.

15. Switzerland - made by Lotto
The shade on the shoulders was a nice touch, but still nothing special. The kit was quite forgettable.

14. Italy - made by Nike
A plane blue shirt saved from disaster only by the beautiful under-collar in white and gold. Huge downgrade to the amazing kit in 1994.

13. Netherlands - made by Lotto
The kit is very nice, but also simple. The unique orange color does a lot. The collar is not very good. Plane white with some little blue and red lines. Ugh...

12. Czech Republic - made by Puma
The kit is actually very nice. Good use of the national flag colors and nice stripes on the shoulders.

11. Bulgaria - made by Puma
Same as Czechia! One place above because it's Bulgaria :)

10. Croatia - made by Lotto
Yes, the checkered motive is now almost iconic, but if you look at it as a stand alone. The kit is simplistic. But still iconic.

9. England - made by Umbro
The England kit should be much lower, as it is also quite simple. Dominated by the white color, and nothing much. YET... the collar with two shades of blue, and the centered badge just make it look so slick...

8. Denmark - made by Hummel
The kit is very nice, and the use of color black is well fitted. I very much like the white sleeves, that break from the red dominance.

7. Portugal - made by Olympic
The kit is quite awesome. Great use of flag colors. The best part is the huge crest that is like a stamp. Looking good this one.

6. Turkey - made by Adidas
The kit had all to be a disaster, the the all white shirt with this unique use of red and black just make it epic beauty.

5. Scotland - made by Umbro
Look at that beauty. The use of Scottish kilt motive is inspired.

4. France - made by Adidas
Awesome use of flag color that compliments each others so good. The only thing that I do not like in it is the laces under the collar.

3. Romania - made by Adidas
One of my all time favorite kits. The yellow dominates. the V-shaped collar is a beauty, and the blue stripes on each side are just gorgeous.

2. Spain - made by Adidas
My favorite Spain kit of all time. The colors are great, and the use of completely different left side of the kit, using blue and yellow is just masterful. The collar is also very clean and beautiful.

1. Germany - made by Adidas
The kit just oozes class. The combination of all white, with the iconic black adidas shoulder stripes. The Germany badge in black frame, and the stylish collar with in black with the German colors. A kit worthy of a champion.

Do you agree with my ranking? Do you have a favorite kit from 96?


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12 out of 16 had a bloody collar. footy shirts should not have an ugly collar which leaves me with 4 choices.

It was a toss up between Germany & Spain at the end for the best 2.
Germany wins it for me for the pure simplicity and beauty of the shirt. Spain's was nice but the stripes on the side was a little too much.

Some of the ugliest shirts are found in Euro 96.


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My favorite jersey 96' was Scotland , tartan motive beautiful

For Germany , it was the first time with 3 stars on badge ;) ( after Brazil and Uruguay ) .


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My favorite jersey is Turkey which is made by Adidas.

But I do not agree with your ranking. Denmark should be in place of 7 instead of Portugal.

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