RAFO Bosnia - stickers and cards for sale (seasons 2006-2016)


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Some of members have already bought some stickers and cards, instead of buying on my ebay profile it is probably better to buy here. No ebay fees (10% discount in start) and also price can be lower for the members.

For now I have some stickers and cards that are mostly printed and distributed in Bosnia, or Serbia. Because of it, not so often in offer on ebay or similar sites.

RAFO (All stickers, selling only unopened packs):
Euro 2008
World Cup 2010
Champions league 2010
World Cup 2014
TOP 32 - Champions league 2015/16
Euro 2016
For some season it is possible to buy empty album, not for all and depends on number of packs (I get one album for 3 box - 150 packs)

Trading cards 2015 (not specified season, players in CL)
Trading Cards Euro 2016
Trading cards Football stars (CL 2015/2016)

Simulacija Belgrade (Top 32) - World cup 2014 (stickers, no album)
TOP 24, SchoolShop - Euro 2016 (Stickers, with album)

Info: Inbox!

Some addition:
- Only method of payment is PAYPAL!
- I send only registered, please notify that prices vary, but for most european countries package of 1kg is around 11€.
- I can also add AIR MAIL PRIORITY delivery. It depends on continent, and addition is paid according to location and weight. Most expencive: Asia and Australia, 7€ for 1kg, or 13,5€ for up to 2kg (this is max weight)
- I try to pack it correctly, no problems so far
- If you dont have confidence and can not trust this: I can make ebay "buy it now" auction. Please understand that price will be 10% higher for fees. I can give link to my ebay profile: 730 positive feedback.


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New price till october:
0,25€ per pack (5 stickers)

Shipping depends on weight

PayPal payment.

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