Rafo (BIH) Euro 2016


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Through some friends in Sarajevo and Tuzla I'm trying to get more infos about this album and how to get it.

EURO 2016, editor RAFO (Bosnia and Erzegovina)

468 stickers including 24 teams of Euro 2016 plus Bosnia national team

Every packet 5 stickers

Maybe some collector from Bosnia can give us more infos; for sure I will collect it, so if someone interested about helping me or (late, I still don't have anything in my hands) making swaps please contact me in pvt

album bosnia euro 2016.JPG


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@LeeWest1865 @Manfred how is the quality of the stickers lads? Is it easy to peel off the stickers or cheap paper?

Was thinking of getting it as well but debating. Wanted to learn more from you fellas!!! Cheers.

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