Pro League Panini 2021-2022


New album out on December 6 celebrating the 50th anniversary and features all the teams from D1A, D1B and the Women’s Super League for a total of 732 stickers spread over 72 pages.

The album price will be 2.90 euros. A special ‘hard cover’ edition will be sold at 5.90 euros. Each packet, which contains 5 stickers, will cost 0.80 euro. The ‘starter pack’ with the album and ten packets will be available for 10 euros.


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Here you've got some pictures from the hardcover album, some packets and the stickers - Team badges are golden shinies, there's also a section with all the old covers from previous Panini-albums and some golden boot winners and former champion-teams. As in the last couple of years they've made room for the women section with all the players from division 1. Huge collection!


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