Price different between sheet and single sticker


hy there,

what do you think about the difference from the prices between a sheet (for example 6 stickers) and a single sticker!
What has the higher value?

Thank you


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Gosh that's a good question!

It depends what player's are on the sticker sheets I'd say, so it's hard to have a definitive answer.

I'd say we have an active test for the following sticker sheet live on eBay

I'd guess 12 player stickers could be sold for £1 each on eBay if listed separately. Maybe the Liverpool ones on this sheet could go for more.

If auctioned off as a batch of 12 different stickers it may only achieve £3-5 (sometimes less)

I don't think this sticker sheet will reach £12 so I'd say individual stickers are still better as most would prefer Messi rookie (sorry to use the rookie swear word!) on a single sticker than on a sheet!

Hope Austria is good, I miss my trips over to see friends in Graz.

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