Premijer liga BiH (Bosnia)


Finally have some time to post a few pics.
The collection is out for about 10 days now. It pretty much holds the quality as the last two years.
premijer liga bih_1.jpg

The collection has only 295 stickers, since there are fewer clubs in the league this year.
First two pages of the album is for league, federation and sponsor logos.
premijer liga bih_2.jpg

The next two pages are for stadium pictures, finally quality pictures, since there are no those funny stadium photos of only one stand. So an upgrade. premijer liga bih_3.jpg

Team pages consist of double sticker team photo, club logo (shiny sticker this year), coach sticker (also new feature) and 18 players stickers. In total 22 stickers per team. Goalkeeper sticker is, for some strange reason, framed in orange.
premijer liga bih_4.jpgpremijer liga bih_7.jpg

Last two pages are info about the prizes. For every completed album, by sending sticker backs to an agency address, you get T-shirt, tea cup or a hat. And the first prize is XBOX. And of course info on ordering missing stickers and hardcover album.
premijer liga bih_5.jpg premijer liga bih_6.jpg

One bad thing is 84 double stickers in a 50 pack/250 stickers box. So almost 1/3 of doubles in a box. A bit too much. Probably because of only 295 stickers in collection.
In final, I really like the collection. Some nice upgrades since last year. Nice to see the consistency.


sure? What a pity!
I don't have official confirmation, but the word is that it was not such a profitable investment. There are no commercials or any news regarding this years collection. It would be big surprise if the collection is released but as far as I could hear unofficially, not going to happen this year.
I agree it's a pity. They were getting better and better every year.


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I asked myself the question because every year the Bosnian album is issued at the end of March.
You're right, every year the collection became better. I hope there will be a come-back in the future.

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