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Possible ebay card fraud

Hi All ,

I am trying to bring forward your attention into one fraud .

I was trying to buy a match worn jersey card of one of my favorite player from ebay for my hobby and i found a matching listing .
Found that the seller have 100 % feedback and i give him an offer and he countered with another offer .
The card was a futera card and recently they have introduced colour grading ( http://futera.com/colour-grading ) which shows the cards rarity and color combinations . I found that this card is there as part of their 2015 set and there are around 103 cards from a possible 105 total . 2 cards were not released . say X and Y

But out to my surprise i found that the card listed by the seller ( X /105 ) is one of the card that futera haven't released .When i checked i found that this seller is selling many high end cards and is trusted with his 100 % feedback . So i am confused whether its a mistake from him and he bought it from someone else .

I just got lucky because the card company have such a good service like colour grading . However i am feeling that there is every chance that cards can be faked .


Staff member
Well, I guess you're talking about Cristiano Ronaldo Memorable Card 5/105... Right? I'm openly writing what card is it because it was was sold a few hours ago... Have you bought it? Nice patch btw.

Anyway, when this happens, either you ask directly to Futera or get some evidence from the seller... Who knows, maybe it's a card still not listed in colour grading charts or it could be 15/105 (same colours as that patch).
Nice guess , i didn't buy it because i couldn't see it in futera's grading system .

You may be right , But i don't want to take a chance because it was a bit costly for me and i don't want to spend that on a questionable card .

Anyways thanks for your reply .


Staff member
Of course, if you have doubts, don't buy.

I don't think this was some scam, doesn't have any sign of it... Either it was a mistake from seller, like writing 5 when it should be 15, or Futera didn't list it, because if you already saw other players in their colour grading, usually the numbers unavailable are high... But that is just me speculating.

I've checked some Ronaldo Memorable cards and so far, to me, this supposed #5 card had the best piece... Sad you didn't get it.
Hopefully i will get another one . I am only going for one jersey and auto card per player ( Manchester United ) , So i can wait .

Thanks for your reply .
Usually,I don't too reply on Futera code system,there are many errors.You can sometimes judge

by their cutting pieces of jersey.