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Hi everybody
I have a question about the albums of the Portuguese League from Panini (@dantzig , I hope you will help me)
When is the 1st album from Panini. For lots of people, it's Futebol 91, but I have this album Futebol 82 too.
I think it is considered only like a partnership between Panini and Agência Portuguesa de Revistas by lots of collectors. I think it's true for the albums 1983 and 1984, but the Futebol 82 seems to be a real Panini; the design is the same as Egyptian League 1983, the logo is a proof, and the sealed pack (I found the picture on the web) is a perfect Panini pack. Do you have any idea? And what is your opinion about the 1983 and 1984 albums (I don't have them). Obrigado!



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Well, I didn't know about this, I thought Panini only appeared in Portugal officially in 91... Honestly, I was never into old portuguese albums.

Anyway, I googled a bit and found this. Basically, it's as you said, Panini tried to enter portuguese football market by joining APR. However, it didn't went well, even though the partnership endured for the next two seasons too, but 83/84 already lacked quality.

You can translate to french, but if you can't understand something, just let me know.

The "Paganini" incident though :eek: Also, last paragraph is sad... And still a reality, why these "rights" for everything is pushing back and even destroying this hobby.


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Thank you! Obrigado!
So there is still a debate. Anyway, I will try to find the 83 and the 84, but I never saw them until now.
The last paragraph is sad but right; there were lots of editors, and sometimes very original albums for Portuguese League, but they finally diseapeared :-(


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I found the scans of 83 and 84 albums; absolutely nothing about Panini is written inside. The 2 albums are bad copies of the Futebol 82, nothing changes between the 3 albums (but the rovesciata, the central page with Portuguese team, and the name Panini diseapeared completly). So, maybe the 82 can be considered like a Panini, but not the 2 others.

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