Portuguese League 2016/17


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Hey there.

Should anyone be interested in complete sets from portuguese league, either stickers or Adrenalyn, let me know as I have them both... Everything is in top quality, of course.

FUTEBOL 2016/17 (stickers):
- Empty Album;
- Loose Full Set (402 stickers + 40 updates);
- Two Sealed Packets (one "Gratis", one regular);
- Empty 50-packets display/box;

60€ + shipping

Complete Album Video (in portuguese)


LIGA NOS 2016/17 Adrenalyn XL (cards):
- Complete Binder with all 415 cards (409 + 6 Limited Edition);
- Game Board;
- Official Guide;
- Mini-Checklist;
- Two Sealed Boosters (different layout);
- Empty 50-packs Display/Box.

80€ + shipping

Complete Set Video (in portuguese)

I prefer to sell to European Union only, but will consider other possibilities... Payments by Paypal, as friends/family (no fees for both).

Private Message please. Thank you.

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