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Juan Francisco

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Do you like to make your own fantasy stickers or cards?
Here are some examples that I've made.

Isco season 87-88 Lookalike sticker of "Liga Este" Publisher


DiStefano Retro Card, using as a example a DiMaggio BaseBall Card



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Nice idea, I like the design. Would be great to see more of these custom artwork.


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This is the sticker with Ukrainian national team's coach Mykhaylo Fomenko generated by me with the help of the app Panini Collectors. It would be wonderful if panini started reliase again stickers with national team coaches as in 1992.image.jpg


In fact here are all players that were mentioned as possible call ups that are not originaly included in collection plus retired Ivica Olic . =))

Sergio Z

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@Roko looks quite realistic, not bad :)

I've made my own sticker designs for a lot of tournaments, too. Gotta look for them in my external hard drive :p

Sergio Z

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I found this:
Sticker for Carlos Cáceda, goalkeeper for Universitario (PER).


I was trying to make a collection for Peruvian tournament last year, but I completed only Universitario stickers. :p
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