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Pavle's collection of sticker albums and trading cards


Staff member
Hi guys,

I proudly present my collection of sticker albums and trading cards. All of these are completed. It took me years of swapping, buying, selling and then again swapping to have a collection of this size.

Last time I counted I had around 400 albums. Of course, there are people who have much more than I do. However recently I have also decided to significantly decrease my collection. There are few reasons for this, but I will probably write about them in adequate topic.

Anyway, when I first started, my focus was on World Cup and Euro Cup albums along with albums that I completed as a kid.

2-3 years ago I became obsessed with national league albums, so on this images that were taken last year you can see some of them.

EDIT > Unfortunately it seams that I somehow lost a bunch of images I had that showed my collections, so until I go out there and take some photos this image is all I have :O

Sergio Z

Active Member
400 albums! Man, that's too far from what I could've imagined. My collection has just nearly 20 albums, 5% of yours hahahaha.

There are some local albums in my collection, I think I'll upload some pictures in a few days :) (In another thread, of course!)