Patricks collection

Hello everybody

My name is Patrick, am 22 years old and I come from Switzerland.
I collect Panini stickers since the Euro 2004 in Portugal.
I bought in the past few years many older albums on ebay.
So far I have 79 albums panini.

I collect the following albums:
Panini World Cup since 1970

Panini European Championship since 1980

Panini Champions League 1999-2015

Panini London 2012

Panini Africa Cup 1996/2008/2010

Panini Copa America 2007/2011/2015

Panini World Cup Women 2011/2015

Panini Road to World Cup 2002 + 2014

Panini Road to Euro 2016

World Cup story 1970-1990

I now want to also collect album panini calciatori

Every one of my albums is packaged in a protective case.

Now you can see a few photos of my collection



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I agree with Andy, very interesting and creative way of displaying your album. More importantly since they are labeled, you can quickly have access to any that you need. Impressive I must say.


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Indeed, I also wanted to store like that, but I couldn't find anything decent for a good price near me.

Probably the best storage I've seen, very professional and caring. Very nice entry here, @Patrick92.
Thanks for the great feedback. That makes me a little proud :)

I have every album minimum one sticker packet. except from the African Cup of Nations 1996, I have no packet :(

I also have the following hardcover album:

EURO 2012 version International and Germany
World Cup 2014 Version International and Brazil
Copa America 2014

I will upload pictures ;)


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Very very impressive indeed... You must have spent a lot of money buying all these old albums on Ebay last 10 years ! Am I wrong ? Or did you trade clerverly during these years ?
Anyway : your collections rocks !
@Makhno Yes I have a lot of money invested in my collection ... I spend my money on panini, others give it for cigarettes.:p

Here are now a few other images: on the 1st picture are my hardcover albums



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Great collection and I like storing... are you married? Is not a proposal :p I'm just curious to know what other wifes think about our passion

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