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I am not sure how many of you guys play the popular online game called World of Tanks.
The game is massively popular among gamers, and best of all it is free to play. Of course you can always upgrade gear and vehicles by purchasing some sort of coins/points. Game features mid-20th century era fighting vehicles.

It has been developed by a company called Wargaming.

Release date

So far I was able to find only information and pricing for Russia. Since the publisher is Panini Russia, I doubt it will be released elsewhere.

Released on 9th of May. Will be in official sale until 15th of September.



Panini has released an official game sticker album that has 192 stickers :
  • 144 base
  • 24 puzzle
  • 24 shiny
Stickers are packed in a packs. Packs have 5 stickers each. For now I think it will be available only in Eurasia.

Stickers size 100 x 80 mm.

Panini World of Tanks sticker Album

Album is on Russian language. Cover page made out of standard laminating cardboard.
  • Size :232 x 287
  • Pages : 32
Blister pack

Blister pack contains 10 sticker packets, 50 stickers in total. 90 x 210 mm is its size. And it is priced at around 5.40 euros (299 rubles)

  • Album - 99,00 руб - 1.8 euros
  • Sticker pack 30,00 руб - 0.54 euros
  • Blister (50 stickers inside) 299,00 руб - 5.43 euros
  • Starter pack (album + 2 sticker packs)

Here is a nice video of Russian lady YouTuber which shows the album.

So if anyone is playing this game, it would be nice to hear your experience about the game and perhaps about collection. Feel free to discuss about this album in this topic and throw in some more info if you have or ask some questions.


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Never played the game, but I'm always fascinated by the SSSR vs Germany tank battles during WWII.

The camoflauge border was a nice idea, makes this collection even more manlier... And you know how manly Russia is! :p

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