Panini World Cup 2018 Prizm


because it's released in the US Wilhelm... Don't know why they bother calling it a collection because it basically isn't if people are just collecting one player etc... there currently is not 1 base + standard inserts complete set for sale on ebay on checking! 2014 was much much better as allowed every type of collector to collect by getting the standard inserts. No one can quite understand the collection over here from who i talk to!!
Just grab a base set and call it complete i reckon as just now saw one of those standard group stage cards on ebay for £60, if thats the sort of price we're talking about it rules out most set collectors in europe and makes the collection pretty unfashionable compared to its 2014 counterpart. Possibly the biggest load of shite to come out of the US for many a year IMO. No offence intended to people who collect individual player cards, fill your boots lads.
Yeah agreed Andy but it’s annoying because the 2014 set was one of the best football sets ever to be released! I fully understand if they want to cater to people who collect players but with National Treasures coming out soon(most high end football product ever) they should have made Prizm “completeable”


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I guess there are different way of collecting cards. Some times the cards have to be rarer/serial numbered so that some hobbyists will feel an accomplishment on having them.
For example the national landmarks insert run will be less than 100 per player ( one per case ) so there is a high demand for these and hence the high selling rate.


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Do you know where I can buy the official Collector's Binder? I've found only the German one.

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