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Hi guys. There was no thread about 2006 WC, so here it is.

I have this for trade:
A full set of 2006 WC Panini with an empty album. The stickers are Italian, while the album is South American.

I need:
Well, I'm looking for some other World Cup collections (except for the last three), but I listen to (or, in this case, read) offers, as well. :) You can check out my thread at Showcase section too see what I'm missing, just in case.

Here are some pictures:

IMG_2968.JPG IMG_2974.JPG IMG_2970.JPG IMG_2972.JPG IMG_2976.JPG

PS: I've got tons of doubles as well, just in case you want to swap only stickers (it would be a swap between collections, since I've already got my own 2006 WC album), so feel free to ask.

UPDATE: This album has been swapped. However, I've still got some spare stickers.
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