Panini World Cup 2002


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I have for trade :

26 X2

I need :

- the 6 mexican edition extra stickers (3 italian players / 3 mexican players)
- Israelian edition album + any sticker


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I need:

- Israelian edition with poster and stickers "players in action" (also empty album is ok)
- Update brasilian stickers (Ronaldinho, Belletti, Edmilson, Juan, Marcos)
- Update mexican stickers (Montella, Panucci, Di Biagio, Villa, Hernandez, Luna)
- different sticker Ronaldo printed in Brasil (to recognize, logo NIKE on shirt)
Hi. I have a complete album but i surfaced on Ebay and i found 3 economy empty albums. I have to think for the age...
About Ebay, i don't know what way is the best. Go to the International link or national webs. If i go to i only find items for few countries (Germany, Spain, France and Italy)...Sometimes is better to visit differents Ebay webs (UK, Germany, Italy, International...)





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Thanks friends. I bought yesterday, on eBay empty album with seven packets, I pay 10 euros and 12 euros shipping.

Regards, Kacper!


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Updated 2016-08-03


Im looking for theese stickers with blue backs:
29, 32, 37, 42, 52, 64, 65, 107, 112, 114, 119, 120, 168, 185, 199, 266, 268, 270, 321, 338, 342, 392, 447, 456, 486, 491, 497, 533, 564

I have a lot of stickers with black backs for trade for this album, and also some with blue backs.
I also have a lot of stickers from other albums for swap.
Im also willing to buy blue stickers.

Send me a PM if you want to swap/trade.

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Hello Guys,

Just a little remark, everyone seems to be focused only on 6 players update from Mexico, but in fact there is 12 players 6 Italians + 6 mexicans.

Here after a scan of it, this update came for free with a TV journal named Teleguia in Mexico. This is not new, Garuda already posted it into de WC 2002 Review section.



PS: By the way I'm looking for them too, and also the 5 brazilans update and the Brazilian set with green shoulders.