Panini WC 2018 packets versions swap


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I'm looking for all version available.
Who can help me?
I have lots of packets to trade. Eventually I will pay for costs.

Looking for:

USA, Canada
Brazil - Contiene 5 Cromos
Brazil - Contém 5 Cromos
Brazil - Venda Proibida - Cortesia do Editor
United Kingdom - Barcode
United Kingdom - No Barcode
Belgium, etc. - Barcode
Belgium, etc. - No Barcode
Germany - Barcode
Portugal - McDonalds
Portugal - Raspa e Ganha
Spain - No Barcode "Ejemplar Gratuito"
Switzerland - Gold Edition
Argentina - Industria Argentina - Contiene 5 Figuritas
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic etc.- white back

I have China versions of 2012/2014/2016/365/Champions League for trade :)

Please send email or PM​


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Hello Goodnight.
Are you still looking for unopened packets of Russia 18 world cup?
I need packets that were published in Russia

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