Panini WC 2018 Belgian Red Devils - Carrefour


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As there was a 2014 and 2016 version specially for the belgian red devils.
There will be another version for 2018 called #REDTOGHETER
Stickers and album will be found in Belgian Carrefour shops starting from 25th of april until 3th of july.
The album you need to buy for 3,50 euro. You get 1 packet of stickers for every 25 euro you buy or additional packets with different promo's.
There will be a total of 228 stickers and 12 tattoos.
You can also collect 22 figurines (0,99 euro with a full promo card, or 2,49 euro) wich you can put on a kicker table (costs 29,95 euro)
Pictures are from the promotion i got in my mail today (including one packet of stickers already)


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2 additional thoughts:
* Why isn't Debruyne in the front of the packet
* This is probebly bad for sales for panini. I guess more and more youngsters will only collect this 'free' album, and not the full album anymore, since it's more expensive


Can anyone confirm whether there is Thierry Henry Belgium coach sticker individual or Belgium squad which reflects him.


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Can you verify me the number of 2-1,which is also including Henry.danke.
The sticker you are mentioning has number 15 on the back.

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