Panini USA 94 factory stickers panel


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Hi fellow collectors,

I used to be a collector aswell but I sold most of my albums. But I still have an item that is not easy to be valued. My aunt was a journalist at that time and she visited a Panini factory. She bring me back a souvenir...



Do you have any idea at what price I could sell it ? I guess it's pretty uncommon.

Thanks for your help


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That is so beautiful T___T It has all standard stickers (420), never knew Panini produced such big sheet (I know what can also mean this, that's why written doesn't confuse :p)

I really don't know about values, but it certainly has hundreds of euros in it! It has to, it's all standard stickers from a 22-year World Cup collection... Try eBay auction with some acceptable minimum value you are interested to sell, then if there's bids, the rest is profit ;)

Thanks for sharing the picture and hope you sell big.


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Thanks for your advices. If you know someone who might be interested feel free to contact him in PM.

Yes there was a silver sheet with all the badges. My cousin had it when he was a child and cut them to put it on his school books... Shame on him :(

I'll probably put mine on Ebay in a few days. Hope it will interest some people.


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I tried to sell it on Ebay but no bid on it. Do you know any specialised website/forum where I may find people interested in it ?

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