Panini UEFA Women's Euro 2017 The Netherlands


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Well, there are two reasons.

1, Road to series are always distributed worldwide. In this case, you can get in newsagent kiosks, supermarkets, maybe in alternative shops, also online
2, Confederations and Euro are only distributed in those countries, who are participating in the tournament. Panini has just started - for the first time - to make available in other countries, but only online through webshop. I think if we think, that it was released a bit late - around end of June - it can be beneficial, and personally think it is a great direction from Panini. If I can not buy in shops, I can order online. During the online sales, when album + boy was packed together, there were stock issues, now it is unavailable, only single stickers can be ordered. I think it is since two weeks now. This means, the manufactured amount has been sold, in a very short time. So overall:
Yes, it is pretty opbvious to me, that it was well worth to Panini, and maybe in this aspect, there might be great opportunities to have Gold Cup, Asia Cup collections in the future - as it could be ordered online, or have Africa Cup back again.

Was great final indeed, congrats for Dutch ladies :)

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