Panini UEFA Women's Euro 2017 The Netherlands


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If this is really true, I must have this album, as Portugal team is for the first time on a big competition.

Hopefully we'll get this and Confederations Cup here, it would be a good start for the summer :D

Sergio Z

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@DamianGutierrez For me, "must have" collections are:
-World Cup (men & women)
-Road to World Cup
-Copa América
-Euro (men & women)
-FIFA 365
-Champions League
-Olympic Games
-Any other local collection about sports (i.e. Liga BBVA Latin America version or Peruvian League)
I have some albums from other categories, like Brasileirao or Liga MX, but it's optional for me.

I think every collector have their own priorities about what to collect. @Pavle posted about that not so long ago in this thread. :p

Well... to avoid off-topic, I'd say I can't wait for more info about this album. :)
Oh my god!

If this album is coming to Portugal, then this is a must have for me, since it is Portugal Women's Football Team first competition for them! :)

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