Panini UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2015/2016 Stickers


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Will countries who had CL stickers before, have them now when Topps is producer?
Nobody knows so far, it's still about two months left to release... But having anything released from Topps so far in the respective country might be a sign (for instance, here where I live they released the TC Hero Attax and now that Minions movie).


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October 27th-29th is the anticipated release date in the UK... I am sure it will be released in most european countries. Being a collector of the English premier league collections since inception from Topps I worry that they will ruin the minimal neat design of champions league albums which we all so enjoy with puzzle stickers and things like that. Hopefully they will stick to a similar format to how Panini produced the CL albums with maybe a few less players each team so they can incorporate the top clubs participating in the Europa League at the back of the album.

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