Panini tour de France 2020


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This release was planned for late April / early May
but because of the coronavirus we do not know, PANINI FRANCE also do not know, the total blur
For now the Tour de France is maintained but everything can still change
Normally at this period last year, there were already visuals and album info
And normally at this period the production of the album at the Modena factory is already started
I will keep you posted if I know something, I check every day and contact panini france often


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So they are telling that it was planned to release this collection the 2nd of May in Belgium and France, but because of the COVID-19 it's possible there will be a delay on it or even cancelled.


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Yes that's it ! fingers crossed !!

The stores continue to receive and accept our deliveries but we are expectant like everyone else *
We have finished the Tour de France collection on an editorial level, but we are waiting to know more about the holding of the event, If the Tour stands, It will come out, If it does not stand, we will ask ourselves the question
We try to anticipate


message and article by panini France in Nice matin



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No ! they await the decision of the Tour to see if it is maintained or not, if yes the album will be released in May or June, if not they will decide in due course if it releases the album or not

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