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This is not just another album.. this is THE album! I can imagine is completely unknown for foreign collectors (except some country like Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, South America where comic is sold since several years), but here we're talking about the most famous italian comic. In Italy, if you ask to people at least 30 years old is easyer they know who's Tex but no idea about the actual President of Republic! :)

tex.jpg tex 2.jpg

Tex is a comic about a ranger who is also the "white chief" of Navajo, so since the beginning (first comics was published in 1948!) he is a fighter against all kind of criminals in Old West, it does a matter if white, indians or mexicans! If you consider this "point of view" started so many years ago it's a kind of "miracle"; only after the '70s movies and comics started to talk about West not just "cowboys against bad indians"

As any collector of TEX I was waiting for a new sticker album (we had one long time ago) and Panini printed something spectacular. First of all is an album with stickers and cards mixed! Then you have an unpublished comic inside and to read it you must attach stickers

Every page of album is dedicated: the characters, the places, the enemies, the "pards" and stickers about great moments during almost 70 years of comics. Cards are about the main characters and the most important covers (until nr. 400.. Tex is a monthly comic, last number is 660)


album 52 pages including cover + 4 sheets (9 slot each) for cards
stickers 192 including 24 silver and 24 rough
cards 36 including 18 main characters and 18 historical covers
tex 17.jpg

Limited Editions
(printed in 1000 copies, sold out in a really short time!, box set including album hard cover plus separate binder for cards)
tex cartonato.jpg

(card sold only in this starter pack with the image of album cover. Also starter pack is sold out!)
tex starter pack.JPG

(10 cartoonist has done 10 original sketches for a total of 100 cards. This ultra limited cards are random inside packets, quiet impossible to find one.. what about 100 differents?!?)
UPDATE: these cards are not numbered and have not any space inside album
tex sketch.jpg

Box with 50 packets inside, every packet 1,00 euro including 5 stickers + 1 card
tex 13.jpg
tex 15.jpg

Promo packet distributed at Lucca Comics&Games including only 4 stickers
tex 16.jpg

Blister with 5 packets, sold only in comic shops

So.. Panini has done a great job and this album is marvellous .. but I think they didn't consider very well how famous and loved is Tex in Italy. So distribution of hard cover was unbelievable (sold out in 4 minutes at Lucca Comics, last copies on web sold out in less time probably), so many collectors didn't find it, but you can on ebay (bids are reaching more 200 euros!). Now also starter pack is sold out. So 1000 copies for hard cover were really few but also the starter pack!

I'm quiet sure this is the biggest success of Panini since long time ago (sport albums a part, of course) ... and all collectors hope this is just the beginning ;)

Tex album will be also part of PANINI TOUR together with CALCIATORI, and like CALCIATORI album you have chance to have stamp on your complete album (I don't know if stamp is same... we'll see!); you can see the place for stamp over Tex on the last page
tex 12.jpg

Some pics of album inside:
tex 3.jpg tex 4.jpg tex 6.jpg tex 9.jpg tex 10.jpg tex 11.jpg

For any other info you can contact me! ;)
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after great resul of this album, Panini will reprint hard cover version! Second edition will not be numbered and limited and has different colors of the cover, for this reason the name given is ARIZONA SAND edition. Ok is not limited but considering Hard Cover 1st edition and Starter Pack are already sold out, probably will happen same again!



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so finally we have date of release for new hardcover version, not limited even will go probably sold out in a short time. Also in this edition we can box set plus special card inside

21/12/2015 Tex back to the shops! :)


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