Panini Stickers Russia 2018 - Android application - suggestions


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Hi all,

I developed android application for all of us for easier managing of our missing and duplicate stickers. Here is the link of PlayStore

and the web site

You can add found stickers, add swaps, share your lists everywhere. You can also generate image from your missing or duplicates list and send it you your friends or on Facebook group. When you swap stickers with someone, you can share your duplicates with NFC. It is simple, fast, modern and convenient way. Latest update has twitter integration, where you can filter the tweets by some hashtag (the default hashtag is #paninirussia, but it can be changed within the app). The idea is groups of user to agree for some hashtag like #paninirussiaLondon for people from London and "communicate" on twitter for swapping events.

The stickers in the app are demo stickers, as all of us, I'm waiting for official list.

I'm open for suggestions, please free to ask me something if you think that it is good feature that can be added in the application. If is doable, I will be happy to add it.


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