Panini Spectra Soccer 2016


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Wow. You break a whole case. Must have been expensive. Guess the last 1 of 1 and the Ronaldo auto will bring in some money :)

As usual a very nice video. Thanks.

But the name of the thread is wrong ;) This isnt select.


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Yeah, my bank account isn't looking too good at the moment.
Too many collections with similar names :confused:. That's my excuse anyway!
Some nice looking cards, but as usual some questionable choices for the autographs.


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Yes too many with similar names. And too many sets in general.

Panini alone got this product in november, in december they put out Black Gold and select 16/17 and in january Noir soccer. Absolutely insane.


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I came England last month. I am living in England now.
Could you let me know the place where I can buy football cards?

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