Panini Russian League stickers 2015 to 2020


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I need an information about the Russian League

There are albums for 2011/12, 2012/13, 2014/15 and 2015/16 but NOT for 2013/14; am I right?

Thank you


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Thank you! I bought yesterday on the Panini website the 2014/2015 issue and could'nt find a 2013/14 (I've got the others); the other russians albums are already "sold out" and very expensive on ebay, so I was afraid to miss one of them.. With the Spanish Liga this is an exception to find "sold out" collections so quickly. I don't know why for Russia.

I know this is the case for lots of French collections too since just a few years but I know why: lots of french collectors are buying lots of colletions and sell them on ebay when it's sold out. It's a shame for younger collectors, the Germans don't do the same thing.


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Pictures from Panini Russian Premier League 2016 (complete)



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Today 20/01/2017 in Russia is on sale the Collection of stickers "Russian Football Premier League 2016-2017".

There are 437 stickers in this collection (400 regular + 37 foils).

The album has 48 pages, album size is 232 x 287 mm.


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very uninspired to take a 1:1 copy of calciatori 2016/2017 for the cover.
Okay background is blue instead of green :p

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