Panini Russian KHL 2017


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This year the sticker album for the KHL will be edited by Panini.

This is the 5th album for the Russian KHL (in 9 years): the 1st was by Upper Deck in 2010, and there are 4 others by SeReal between 2012 and 2015. Note that there are even 2 albums for 2012 and 2013 (Eastern and Western Conferences). There was before a first album in 2006 by Panini but it was still the Russian Superliga and not yet the KHL.

There will be 322 stickers: 261 regulars and 61 foils.

Collection will be sold from 22th December until 30th May.

I hope to find this album and the set. If someone from Russia can help me, it would be great!

Nevertheless, not news from an album for the Football Russian Premier League. Wait and See...


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Happy to see Panini! The 1st one from Upper Deck was great, but albums from SeReal are shit! They are beautiful but the pages don't stay in the albums due to the bad glue (not staples, but pages glued together). So the albums became binders...

Note that this year there is a new album from SeReal for the season...2015-16!!!
They lost the copyright but due to the non publication of the album last year, they propose now an album for the last season; this is a little stupid...The album issued 28th December 2016...

I have to find both !!


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Every album for the Russian Hockey until 2015 (only the official collections); from my collection, special picture because of the FB link ^^Everyone is complete, but the 2012 and 2013 lost their pages due to the bad quality of the glue.
2nd picture: every sealed pack until 2015


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Some news about new collection Panini Russian KHL 2017/18:

On sale in Russia from 16.11.2017 till 30.04.2018. There will be 439 stickers in the collection ( 346 base, 83 shiny and 10 special stickers which are only in blisters available).


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But it was not so difficult to find the Extra Stickers of Confederations Cup because lots of people collect Football Albums. For KHL, I hope it will be the same thing, but not sure.
Please Panini, no special stickers for Russian Premier League 2018 ^^

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