Panini Road To World Cup 2018 Russia


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Hello all!

I found some very first and unverified infos about the next road to... album. Says there will be around 400 stickers, on 64 pages.

Hope we get some more complex collection than last two road to collection. I am expecting it will be released somewhere around mid-spring.

If any of you have some info, feel free to share with us ;)


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It is also a "real" album :) but I get your point!
Mostly a filler, yes. Not to get bored in odd years. I would more prefer confederations cup or CAN cup collections as well, but what can we do?
Road to series are normally contains "in action" stickers, which I don't consider worse than profile pictures. What worse in them is not to have any stadiums, any introduction, any team photo or badges. But I am waiting for this collection, even though I have to possibly import to myself from abroad. :p


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Hehe, I was just about to write the same :D

What we can assume from this picture, is that comparing to previous road to wc collection, Wales will be added. I am more than curious what other teams will be presented from Europe.
From Africa, last time Ivory Coast and Algeria were in album, now they are both out of AFCON, so it is another mystery who will be highlighted from that federation I guess.
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The other important question is : where the album will be released ? (despite America like announced)


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I think it should be a wide-spread product, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense, to put in Fifa 365 last page, that was distributed worldwide. Of course not any country will be lucky,( I have doubts that eg. Hungary get it) but it will be available more countries than last one. (I would ride the wave of last Euro games, so I would distribute more locations)


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The first 32 teams of F.I.F.A. classification of September , October or November 2016
Is that a guess? Because last time I hardly believe that this was the pattern. I don't think Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Japan could be in best 32. Probably merchandising and commercial point of views are let's say more important to Panini :) In South America there are a huge base of collectors, that's why all 10 CONMEBOL nations were added to the collection. We'll see :)


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Ok Turisas .

So , maybe 16 europeans , 10 south am. , 2 africains , 2 north am. and 2 asians ? It's only a supposition


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come on... soccer ? really ?
That's what happens when North America gets involved. Look at other Panini America releases. Select, Donruss, Euro 2016 for example, they all had the word Soccer in it. They have to as much as us traditionalist hate it.
Having said that if they called it Football people in North America will get it confused with the Gridiron NFL.

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