Panini publishes new collection of cards of the Brazilian Championship in 2015.


The article below was published in a major news portal here in Brazil.

Besides the sticker album, to be released in the second half, the fans will have one more product to collect on the Brazilian Championship this year: 360 cards in a special collection, and 20 are metallized, representing the shields of the teams.

16 key players from each of the 20 teams in Serie A tournament are portrayed, in addition to shields and posed teams. In the 20 cards of teams posed, contains data on the performance of the club in the last six league issues. The illustrated book serves as a guide of the collection.

Panini has a habit of announcing dates but the distribution of cards and stickers is bad, then the date would be a prediction. I'll see if I can get more information.



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So this is obviously not an Adrenalyn XL collection?
Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Its always nice to see when a collection by Panini is not an Adrenalyn one. Panini Brazil is certainly in top 3 Panini publishers besides Italy and Spain.
Yes, This is not a new collection of Adrenalyn XL. In Brazil, Panini not bet much on the cards. The values are high and the distribution in stores is a bit confusing. Often the collectors do not find the product in stores.

All Adrenalyn collections published to date here, were imported. Even the collection of the Championship was not distributed by Panini.

I hope that this collection is a new vision of Panini in relation to our market.



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Wooha!!! Avaí cards!!! Super!

Hoping there will be some release of this set. Last year Adrenalyn series was a flop, and I'm still struggling to get all the cards of the set.


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I always like when cards have lots of text at the back. It makes collection much better. Last few years all we see is publishers logo on the back of the card, which in my opinion is waste of space.
I can only say good job Panini Brazil, although the cards themselves could look a bit more shiny. It appears there are no special hologram/shiny cards?
Thanks for sharing.

Panini Brazil launched yesterday on newsstands a new collection of cards. This is not a new Adrenalyn XL series, but a totally new collection.

The collection consists of 360 cards, 20 metallic and depicts all 20 clubs in Serie A of the Brazilian championship.

Ponte Preta
Sao Paulo
Sport Recife
Vasco da Gama

Each club, contains 18 cards:

01 Badge (metallic)
01 Time
16 Players

I bought 8 packets. Here is my opinion.

The cards have a good finish, are dull in the background and the players has a shiny lamination. Similar to Adrenalyn cards.

The back of each card has a small profile of the player in season 2015 and the card number.

Each packet contains 4 cards. The packets are similar to the stickers and not as the Adrenalyn.

The album to collect the cards are not yet available for sale, so I can not say whether it will be as the Adrenalyn or a new format.

Soon I try to put an image of the packet.


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