Panini pro league 2015 (Belgium)


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350 Stickers including 32 shiny stickers
16 teams, team badges are foils and 1 star player of each team is a shiny sticker also.
players included information: length, weight, nationality and their number.


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This looks like nice set. Do you have any additional photos of it?

What is the pricing of the packets, box, empty album?

Are there any starterpackets, or just packs/boxes?


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I can give you some additional info:

Stickeralbum: 2€
Packet: 0.60 €

No starterpacks available. They are sold in blisterpacks (10 packets for 6 €), seperatly or in box (100 packets for 60 €).

Some screens in attachement. The end of the album consist stickers with aan quiz and some faits-divers.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


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What a beauty! I like it. What do you think about its quality? It seams that you completed this one already?
Love it...wish we had a few like that here in Canada. Hell I would take MLS sticker collection.

Just searched on eBay, can buy the book for $3 CDN but they are only selling individual sticker, no packed boxes
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To be honest, this is not really my favorite album. The design is OK, but many flaws in the content.

Almost all the players of FCB has the same image of the previous collection (see the pictures to compare).
Even the body of the trainer Michel Preud'homme is an image of two years before. You can see it on the initials. In stead of MPH you see JCG on his chest. Two seasons before the FCB-trainer was Juan Carlos Garrido.
Also in the update set they used same images. For example David Destorme who was transferred from KVM to Waasland Beveren.
Not always properly photoshopped. For example the shirt of KVK-player Baptiste Ulens.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the quiz-pages and I miss the 2nd division.

There are also two different images of Zulte Waregem player Chucks Aneke (n° 315). A wrong and correct one. I'm still missing the correct one, so I hope to get that one soon.


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Amazing analysis, you paid really attention. I agree this last edition was very disappointing. Albums of 2011 and 2012 were at a totally different level, the best albums of Panini Belgium (and among the absolute best) in my opinion.

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