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Panini Prizm Euro 2016

Hi Collectors.
Want to trade for Panini Prizm euro 2016.

Have a LOT of Prizm card for trades.
Baseset, signatures, parallels, team loggos, team photos, etc.



Well-Known Member
Please use this format for swapping :

I have for trade
: 1,2,3,4,5,6,
empty album, sealed box, 20 packs

I need :
Sealed packet International version

Trading condition
: Trading worldwide, trading also for Champions League stickers, trading minimum 20 stickers or whatever else you want.
I am looking for Hungarian players from Euro Prizm set

Base: some: rwb,blue,red,purple,white and lots of light blue,orange,gold,green
Inserts: some refractor and lots of green,gold,

Let me know if you have to sell or swap