Panini Premier League 2019 Official Sticker Album


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The Spanish league is considered by some, like the league of the stars and if Panini sells the album in some countries of America. Why not the English league album? ;) if it is considered by others, as the most disputed and competitive in the world and almost all players are called to their selection.

The collection is already on sale in Brazil:

Album and envelope images: (There is no hardcover)
ENG_01.jpg ENG_02.jpg


It would be great if this album reaches more countries in America, so that the people who support these teams can collect the stickers of their favorite players and clubs, for example across the continent, Chelsea and Arsenal have followers, just like the Liverpool (and if they continue to win their matches, most likely they are the champions in March) there are also those who support other clubs but the one with much more followers is Manchester United.


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I learned that Brazilian album will be in Portuguese

Here is a little review from YouTube but I wish I could see all pages of the album and stickers backs



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Do they send abroad at all?!
There must be some South American members on here, I’ve had replies from a couple of people and they just can’t help. It’s like the country is in lockdown when it comes to exporting anything from Brazil!


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This album is completely in English right? The only difference is the back cover?

This edition is on my shopping list now!
Yes, this album is completely in English like international edition, the difference is the back cover and 6 start stickers in the album.


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Has anybody got stickers legends from Cadbury products yet?

I wish I could see a comparison between normal stickers from regular packets and shiny stickers from Cadbury products.

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