Panini NHL 2015-16 stickers


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I finally managed to complete this album. Overall, it is very similar to the NBA album, although I like the NBA album slightly better because of rookie stickers and also all players having their faces more or less clearly visible. It is much better than Topps baseball stickers as it has much more information.

+ a lot of information (player statistics etc.)
+ a lot of different sections: season highlights/hall of fame/all-star game/play-offs etc.
+ album pages design with players portraits is visually appealing
- Donruss logo on stickers, WTF???
- goalie stickers in masks, so can't really see the faces
- team logos are non-holographic
- no rookies (unlike in NBA)
- 3 holographic star players (unlike 2 in NBA): because the star players are then repeated as regular stickers, this is just increases the number of stickers in the album
- really painful to complete due to the bad collation: I bought 3 boxes and still had to order missing stickers

You can see my video review here:

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