Panini Mexico 1970 (Review + discussion)


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Hi everyone

I am looking for the Germany flag which is one of the stickers for the Mexico 70 album. Please let me know if you can assist.


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Hello, do you have pictures of your fake bustina?
A picture is not always a good value denominator. You have to feel the paper, ... Unfortunately a lot of them are manipulated. They have hard or ribbled boarders because they were manually glued to make them sealed again, ...

A big problem is that sellers offer copies at eBay with the message copy and eBay allows this abuse. Unfortunately there is still a market for, but those buyers swap or resell those copies also and those receivers don't know always if it's a copy or not, in turn swap or resell it also again, and so on ... And nobody throw this trash away (*).

I keep my hands off the Mexico 70 items.

(*) For sure I'm talking about copies made unbeknownst Panini, not the reprint albums or whatelse released by Panini
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