Panini Liga I Romania 2016

Only Good Stickers

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It is a very active period for league albums.
According to Panini website (, the collection of the Romanian league is now been released. It is the second album dedicated by Panini to this league.
All 14 teams are included for a total of 396 stickers.
There should be special stickers in fabric and glitter. Again, whoever can provide more info and picture is welcome! :)

002930RCVARO_0.jpg 002930RCVARO_1.jpg


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Hey guys.

Here are some photos for this collection (badges, kits, players, album). Game kits are indeed made from some sort of fabric. Those are kind of fragile. Enjoy
IMG_1683.jpg IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1687.jpg IMG_1689.jpg
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