Panini Liga Este 2018-19 (LaLiga)


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Why? Complete set including ALL stickers for album!
In this collection you don't stick all the stickers in the main album. The winter transfers you stick into special pages from magazine Jugon & sheets with these winter transfer stickers you can get only in magazines Jugon (42 stickers in 3 issues of magazine Jugon). I think because of this the main office of Panini in Italy will not send these stickers from Jugon.


And also some stickers for the main album are not usual stickers, they are stickers from Spanish chewing gum Chicle Liga (80 in total). 60 of them are stuck into the main album, and 20 stickers "¿Quién Es¿" can not be stuck anywhere.


Also first two stickers for the main album "Cromos Conmemorativos" can't be found in regular packets, only in magazin Jugon.

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