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Panini Liga ESTE 2015-16 (Liga BBVA)

Today August 7th Panini Spain releases the new collection Panini Liga ESTE 2015-16.

This is an official stickers collection to La Liga BBVA.

Boosters: 0,60€
Box 50 boosters: 30 €
Starter pack: 3,50 (album + 4 boosters)




Foil sticker




Starter Pack unboxing:

3 boosters unboxing:



New Member
Creo que Panini debería de vender los álbumes de las ligas más importantes del mundo, en todos el mundo, son ligas que se ven en todos lados y que los coleccionistas desearían tener su respectivos álbumes, saldos desde México.


Well-Known Member
I have the impression that I am alone to think so, but I really don't like the albums ESTE for the Spanish Liga. I don't like the stickers (both face and player in action and horizontal presentation), I don't like the "Ultimos fichajes" and the system of lots of stickers for the same number, I don't like the shinies (almost never shining...) and the album is too tall. Since 2015 I collect only the Mexican version because the stickers are "real Panini", even if the album is poor with small teams.
For me the better albums of the Spanish Liga were the Panini during the 80s (especially very nice Futbol 89)


Active Member
I have a question for the members from Spain:

Where do you find Chicle Liga 2015-16? Newspaper stands?, small shops? supermarkets?