Panini Liga BBVA Este 2014-15

This week Panini released with Jugon magazine an album and first 3 packets with update stickers. The funny thing is stickers came with unopened packets and not with sheets. There were 3 great packets. All missing and update stickers!!!
Album have 42 stickers
I got an album and a bunch of packs in the mail, but the album is by far the thinnest and lowest quality one I have ever seen. I think I could sneeze through the pages.

The bottom of the back says Ecuador. Are the albums for certain countries much lower in quality than others, or all Liga BBVA albums the same level of terrible?


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There are two type of albums, one released in Spain only and one released in few other countries. Spanish league ESTE are amazing albums, probably the best after Calciatori. Two albums are totally different, so if you want to collect it, its better to get blue one, the Spanish, as I am sure its top quality.

To see difference between these, you can check this short post on our Facebook page.
I have not collected 14/15 but, I really enjoyed 2012/13 and 2013/2014 (review on this link).
So are the stickers completely different as well? I am thinking I might return what I got since I got the Mexican version. I am really put off by the low quality albums. I want to fill them with stickers and keep them and this one feels so cheap and thin.


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I do not know for sure, but since it has only 288 stickers where as Spanish one has over 700 you should better return everything and get a Spanish album and stickers.


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You're welcome! Would love to see some images from it once you get it, as this year I have not had a chance to take a look at any Spanish league albums.


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@DetroitStickers I've merged with stickersCat update topic, this way we have only one La Liga 2014/15 thread.

Btw, I have the spanish starter pack, sealed with 3 packets, just bought it when I ordered some spanish stuff last summer... But it's mine! Mwahahahah :)


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If you give me time (3 weeks and i will get holydays) i will try to do a review of Liga Este collection and especially last season. DetroitStickers: i guess the Mexican version is a short collection than the Spanish and quality album is better the Spanish too.
Spanish collection have, like Pavle told before, almost 700 stickers:

  • 4 pages each team:
20150604_182851.jpg 20150604_182901.jpg

  • All 2nd division badges:

  • 56 stickers of new players

  • 60 stickers but you have to buy separately. You can get with a gum. I don't like that

  • In January, Panini released, by Jugon, an update "album" magazine sheet with last update stickers and coaches.
20150604_183028.jpg 20150604_183040.jpg

I have tons of stickers of the last seasons collection and empty albums. If you need some we can try to trade for other empty albums. Contact me my personal mail. Also you can visit Ebay España and you can get many stuff from many different seasons. Sorry for vertical pictures but something don't work well.



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Nice info @stickersCat! I always enjoyed completing Spanish albums. They are certainly very tough to complete because of many error and misprinted stickers that appear later. For instance, I remember that for certain players they had 2 and even 3 different stickers, in different poses, etc. Also I never managed to complete those bubble gum albums. I am missing all bubble gums for both 2012/13 and 2013/14. I like however the idea with bubble gum wrappers, its unique and interesting. One thing I like about Spanish Panini is that they maintain tradition for all of their albums. Format, shape and size remained nearly the same since the 70s when albums in Spain were not done by Panini.

About the review, as you know, all the quality review, I am more than happy to put on main blog in the forum of article. All writers get special accounts to access website from the back-end as well.

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