Panini Liga Bancomer Mexico 2016/2017

I saw that one of the two available on ebay was sold, i tought it was you :)
I will be curious to see the inside of the album. Stickers look very similar to last album


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I don't think so; in Apertura 2015, the stickers were horizontal, with a zoom on the face of the players ( boring^^) We couldn't even see the jerseys.
The stickers seem now more regular. I hope to receive the album very quickly to give more informations.


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The 4 last Mexican albums are blue^^ In the Apertura 2015, the stickers are horizontal; in Clausura 2015, they are in action; so maybe the Apertura 14 (I've got it, but I don't remember very well^^)
Of course i hope the mascotts too; a Mexican album without the mascotts is not a real Mexican album^^


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Pictures from the complete album Mexican League 2016-17


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