Panini Liga 1 Romania 2016/2017


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Good Morning All

Good news as the new Panini Romania Liga 2016/17 album has been released.

For more info please see:

What I know from Google translation is the following:

- 40 pages
- 354 stickers
- 18 badges*
- Detailed player information on each sticker

In addition to the normal set to collect Panini announce there will be an updates set for the first time. This will comprise of an extra 32 stickers launched on March 27.

If anyone has any more information or photos to share it will be greatly appreciated.

*I think the badges are material but I can't fully confirm.


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The Mercato set will be numbered as A1-A32.
The shinnies are the 14 badges, the Federation/Liga/Panini logos and the official ball.
25 stickers for each team.
As I know, the contract between Panini and Romanian Professional Football League was just for three seasons.
I dont know nothing about the new one.

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