Panini Italia 1990 (Review + discussion)


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There is a set of stickers with no logo on the front side (exactly like for the Kellogg's ones) with a back side which has the "Italia 90" mention using a different font.
I found 15 of them but I have no idea where they come from and how many of them exist (HELP !)

Here you can see the front and back differences with a regular sticker

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Anyone would have a list of these stickers?
If not, do you think it would be valuable to start to list all those we know are existing? Maybe all together we can have more accurate data...


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Israeli sheet came with the magazine "Tchupar" (the yellow label on top of the stickers) from what I know there was only one sheet like that.
Thanks to Steve for the second picture of the sticker's back.
@Pei thanks for sharing, I also think that there was only one sheet like that
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I saw this Arabic version of the album and I need your help recognize it's origin country. From what my wife managed to read its from the city Nazareth, Israel. The back of it is the same as the Israeli edition. Maybe its a Palestinian version ?
Maybe someone can read what it says or knows the publisher's logo on the front.

Thanks :)



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I have a little bit more info on that, apparently the distributor called "Sport Shamshum", Shamshum is a big and well known family name in Israel which owns many businesses here along with the energy drinks Blu and a Sport company in Nazareth called "Sport Shamshum".

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