Panini in Museum!


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For the first time I have seen a Panini album in a Museum^^

It was in the Sporting CP Museum (@dantzig ) and it's Futebol 2002. There is an other Portuguese album but not from Panini.

The proof that Panini is becoming a real reference in the football world ^^



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I'm so proud :D

First one is Futebol 2001/02, which is sadly the last championship league for us (could be this year too, but doesn't seem likely).

Second one I'm not recognizing, but it's definitely from early 80's and I believe it must be from 1981/82, the last league title we had until 1999/2000... Recognize Manuel Fernandes, Marinho, Jordão, Oliveira... Yeah, checking quickly now is a collection called "Campeões 81/82".


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I was sure for the 2002 because I have every Portuguese album from Panini. But I needed informations for the second one

Be proud! No Panini album in the Benfica Museum ;-)

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