Panini Hellas Verona Gialloblù Superstar - Cofanetto esclusivo 1984-85


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A while ago Panini Italy released an interesting box set collection to honor 30th anniversary from Hellas Verona Serie A triumph.
You can read more about this collection on this link on our blog

There is so much to be said about this great iniciative by Panini, in which they decided to honor a less reputable club and create fantastic box set (sticker album + 80 stickers packed in hardcover covers).

I can write on and on about this great album, but our expert from Italy @Caniggia has already written very nice overview of entire collection.

Stickers to collect : 1-80
Price : only 14,99 euros for entire box set with empty album and all stickers.
Availibility : Italy only
How to buy : Box set will be available as of 30 April 2015 on newsstands in Verona and province as well as in the Shop HVStore.

For fans and collectors away from Verona, there is also the ability to purchase through the online store's website or by calling Customer Panini number 059-382450.

For more images and photos visit our blog.

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